Manifest Abundance Program

Get clarity, strategy and 1:1 accountability to move your spiritual business into abundance! 

MAP your spiritual business & get results in 90 days!

Dear lovely being :) 

My name is Tamisha aka VibeQueen, and I'm here today because I want to introduce the "Manifest Abundance program".

This is my framework for how to help you get clarity on what is keeping you stuck from starting or moving your spiritual business forward + keep you accountable to accomplish the goals we set out to achieve that will bring you more abundance into your life. 

I teach using a unique approach of self guided meditation, healing through the chakras and the 5 archetype energies around the Feminine and Masculine.  

Before I give you access to the "Manifest Abundance Program" I want to tell you the backstory about how it came to be...

This is NOT something that appeared out of nowhere. I've read books, taken courses, learned from others, incorporated meditation and did all the typical things one does when embarking on a spiritual journey. 

4 years ago I went through a tough divorce. I ended up loosing everything. I had to file bankruptcy and as an artist, lost all my contacts in the music industry. 

Frustrated, depressed and lonely I ended up living back at my dad's house trying to figure out my life. 

Then, what happened next, completely surprised me...

A friend recommended the book "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle.

I felt awake for the first time. I became obsessed with learning everything I could about enlightenment, manifestation and living a life that is intentional and with purpose
At the end of reading that book, I still remember how I felt...

I realized I spent so much of my life on auto pilot and I wanted to learn how to awaken further.

After learning about meditation and journaling I began to intentionally visualize a version of myself that I wanted to become.

Within 1 month I attracted a studio apartment and job opportunity which relocated me from NYC to Chicago.

I truly thought I had this manifestation stuff figured out and sold 90% of my belongings and moved.

And what happened next changed my life.

I got fired from that job and lost the apartment
and went back to feeling defeated and hopeless.

Frustrated I found a cheap apartment and went back to living with roommates (just like in NYC) and literally had a brick wall as a view... 

Not understanding why I was back in this situation, I started to work with a life coach and worked with her for a full year unpacking my limiting beliefs, traumas and thought patterns. 

What working with a coach has taught me is that you attract what you believe you deserve. The moment I no longer felt worthy of having those things, I lost them.  
"Elevating your frequency is the secret"
We attract what we are a vibrational match for. This concept drastically changed the way I behaved and looked at the world. 

When you raise your vibration aka frequency, this is when you attract MORE of the things you do want in your life.

NOW when I discover a new tool that works for me I incorporate it into my routine. Whether I learn it from a book, a coach or from a guest on my Podcast "Vibe Talk Awaken".

Feeling truly is believing and your brain does not know the difference.

After I experienced loosing what I previously attracted I wanted to learn HOW to manifest on command. 

Once I did, I attracted my now apartment and previous relationship using this method.


It really is THAT SIMPLE. 

Believing what you want to manifest can actually happen. Setting the clear intention, letting go of "the how", not attaching yourself to the outcome and finally being open to receiving. 
Join the Manifest Abundance Program if you want to: 

- Recognize WHERE you are stuck in your life & business

- Learn WHY you are not attracting more into your life

- REWIRE limiting beliefs around money

- Get clarity on WHO your audience is and HOW to market to them

- ELEVATE your spiritual business & consciousness to the next level 

- Learn HOW to effectively SELL your healing gifts with integrity

With my guidance you will learn: 

- How to attract your ideal clients that WANT your offerings and gifts 

- How to effectively market to your audience without feeling like you are being manipulative or lacking integrity. 

- Learn the systems to run a sustainable business so you have more free time to focus on self care, travel and other priorities in your life

- Understand the "unspoken highs and lows in business" to be prepared for all stages in your coaching career. 

Now imagine having: 

- Clarity on WHO your ideal client is and HOW to market to them in their language

- Having strategies to create multiple avenues of income 

- Raise authentic awareness around your business & brand

- Setting clear goals AND achieving them over the next 90 days 

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